Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Night - Preparing.


 Got into a club without getting checked. Danced and sang all night. Everything felt like as if time stopped and we have all the time in the world to ourselves. Sigh, just want my fyp to be over so i can enjoy myself. 21 more days till birthday. Can't wait! 
 Well, my lip wounds looked.. realistic. yeah? no?

 Hahahah pabo.


My halloween 2014 was hella awesome. Awesome bunch that will dress up for occasions. Hopefully we'll still be able to be like this next year and every year!

Short update after so long. will get back to this space again. soon.

Bye! :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Out with mumz, Alone staycation.

 Lazy + comfy outfit. 

with my mumz. hehe.
 Back at Watami after so long!!


Bought churros for jamie and ourselves! 

 Went to look for jamie hahaha kinda miss working there eh.

Yay! Finally get to receive the dress that i've designed!
 New cover! :-)

 Hehehe my new fav top. such a pretty colour too!


At Hotel Nuve! Alone staycation. Some alone time hehehe.

So comfortable.
Skinnier thighs pls. HAHAHAHA gonna do more squats. when i'm not lazy.

$12 worth of froyo. Yum yum yum! worth it!!
 then nat came over for awhile hahahaha.

Nat left. then waiting for rachel to come overrrr.
pj hahaha jk.



Some alone time. Good time with me, myself and i. So sweet of the two to come over to accompany me. bwahahaha. 

Till next time. Bye!!