Sunday, June 30, 2013

New hair colour.

Hi hi! Blogging about my hair today ok i know, NOBARDI CARESSSS but hey, MY BLOG. I POST WHATEVER I WANT. So, one more week left till school reopens. Sigh, freedom. :( It's okay hahah alright anyway. kinda dyed my hair with liese's Jewel pink. the box kinda showed that for darker hair it'll turn out to be reddish brown but nope turns out to be something like this.
And derp, the top is super duper light and the bottom... hmmmm not much difference i guess? 

And so i decided to scroll through posts from fb since i'm lazing around at home and saw some shop with La Riche hair dyes instocks and so why not. Bought rubine.
Rubine and Turquoise (bought it last year and it turned out great!)

It looked like dark red in the pictures i've found on google and on the chart and hm it kinda look like pinkish for the dye. Wanted to get dark tulip at first but it is more to the pink tone instead or reddish. 
Alright ignore the black roots.. Haha it looks, great isn't it! If you look closely it's kinda pink not the usual red so i really like it cause the colour's not that common... i guess? 
Yeah it's suppose to be half pinkish red and half orange brown from the Liese dye. Kinda did it the gradient/ombre effect. Kinda inspired by Luana (Instagramer- LUANNA90) But her version is kinda opp from what i'm doing. Her version is more to dark red on the top and fading to a blonde at the bottom!  
Hehehe cannot stop admiring my gorgeous hair. 

So yeapz, it's so light on the parting area that it kinda look pinkish. Hehehe love love loveeee it. 
Ending off this post with a picture of this awesomely pretty ear cuffs that i've purchased from New look. Yeah, only can get this type of earring for my second piercing since i can only get plugs for the one that's alr been expanded. It's ok, sacrificing normal pretty earrings for pretty plugs! BWAHAHAH. GOODBAI.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Out with mah dolphin.

Yay for haze. Thanks for ruining my plans man. :( 
A big ass selfie of myself. Cause i'm that awesome. 
With dolphina derp. 
Lunch at Genki sushi. 
OOTD. Nothing much special but hey, my diy-ed shorts. Looking good huh. 
Tried this white peplum dress. I don't usually wear dresses so yep. 
Hahaha another selfie after doing a cover. Check it out? ;) 
ENJOY! Thanks for watching!!

Oh hai!

Okay hated this Jelly sandals nonsense in the past. Loving it right now! So comfortable and convenient. 
To sentosa! To celebrate anal banana's birthday. 
I can make nice fried oreos. Potential wife alert over here. Just keeding!
With ardila aka Grey. 
With the slow one criss and oh look nat's creeping at the back. 
Another trip to sentosa on sat for some party held at Azzura! 

Criss bought us red velvet cupcakes! Mweheheheh.
Jayne, criss and nat!

Hai fatty karis!

Supposing making a bandage skirt but, forgotten that i'm using a different fabric so it's not wearable. DIY-ed it into a tote bag instead!

Peemak with criss, nat, bebe, anna, jernaine and yixiang!
Dinner with Jayce, dion, willie and ys! 
Art done by my talented classmate!
And er my Rapunkzel. Get it? rePunkzel hehe. 
Just a shot of my sparkly nails that i'm in love with!
If only i have this shade of red hair in real life. My ear's done with the healing. Yay! 

So that's all. Not posting regularly but yep still updating this dead blog. :)