Saturday, January 18, 2014

Extra editted shots.

Truancy // Jeffrey Campbell

 " The higher the heels, The closer to heaven. "

 That pretty pink box. Although i still prefer the previous design.

 Knee high socks.

Headed to PVS bazaar to take a look, hoping that i'll get a pair but kinda not expecting much because they're always left with small sizes and yep my shoe's sized 39 and that's pretty huge for a girl. Hahaha. So, basically went there after my meeting and then meetup with my friends over there. Looked around and Truancy caught my eye immediately. HAHAHAH sounding all dramatic but yep. It all started when i saw Bunny (GRAV3YARDGIRL) posted a photo of her black and white truancy so since it's available with my size and it's on SALE.. So why not!! Best buy ever. Already my second pair so far. It's only January and, so gonna clear my old shoes for new ones. Hehehehe so excited. 

So started school. New term, New subject i guess. 3 months of draping then 3 months of internship (hopefully i get to work at somewhere). After internship, Final year project! So excited but ugh all the negative thoughts.. Oh well. Will try to do my best. Gonna try to aim for poly after i finish this course. :-)

All right. That's all! Have a great weekend and CNY soon! Just hang in there. Goodbye! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Photo: #takamine #guitar
Hi!! So i finally bought a guitar, ikr after so long. Yep. It's a takamine. Hehehe sounds really awesome. :-)

So i did a cover of Hold on till may by Pierce the veil. Dedicated to ardildo that annoying cat. Bwahahaha enjoy guys! :-) 
Covered Royals by Lorde too. 

So, yep that's all i guess will update again soon!! Have a great year ahead, start your year well hopefully, go for it if you hestitate (positive stuff pls) hopefully i don't mess up this year because this year is gonna be really important to me. 

Goodbye! :-)