Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cuppy cakes.

 OOTD for yesterdayyyy.
 Town with J yesterday! Window shopped around 313 and i still want that studded and acid washed ripped shorts from editors market. Sigh. :/ Then starbucks with his friends afterwards. New strawberry drink is pretty good! And i look weird in a dress. ahahah. 
 OOTD for today. 

 Peach blossoms at marina square for lunch with mum and ahma! 

 ◂ ▾ ▸ ▴ ◂ ▾ ▸ ▴ ◂ ▾ ▸ ▴ opps, nachos all over the floor. HAHAHAHA OKAY LAME. 
 Twelve Cupcakes!! 
Bought Strawberry cream, Red velvet and Chocolate chocolate. Red velvet's really gud! Yumz. Then the cream cheese is stuck in J's throat for a veryyyy long time. HEHE THAT NOOB. :P Alrightz, avengers's on Tuesday but MYE starts on Wednesday.. Sigh, SOON. WAIT FOR ME IRONMAN. OKAY FEELING THE STRESS ALREADY. :( OKAY BYE.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012


 Baked cookies! :D 
 Kiehl's cranberry lip balm! Omg, smells soooooo good. Me gusta. 

 DIY-ed my old black converse sneaker. At first i thought it's gonna look like shit. But then decided to continue doing it yesterday and dengdengdenggggg, IT LOOKED AWESOME INSTEAD. So damn freaking happy bout it! Feeling like a pro. Kiddingz! :P 
 Shoe rack. LOL, I want more sneakers, heels too.. Okay bimbo. 

That's all. MYE in a week time and haven't really go revise.. FML. So, that's all. Goodbye! :) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wild ones.

 In case you miss my face.. Here you go. LOLJK. 

 Inspired cambridge satchel. Hahaha bloody hook, hooked my skin on my hand. There's a damn scar now. :(  
F21's blue slipons. Love it, super comfortable to walk around with! 

Went to OC to look for the shoe Jayce wanted. Then head to Cineleisure for Dark flight! The movie's good, the effect is pretty creepy.. Overall, funny and scary. Nicole and rachel screamed in the cinema. Lol-ed so hard because of that. Then walked around and blah. HAHAHA, great day although sinus ruined my morning. >:( Alrightey, that's all! Goodbye! ;-) 

Dream catcher.

 Spot the dreamcatchers. HAHAHAHA.
 Fat legs is fat. Moving on.. 
Dinner at Just Acia (Dhoubyghaut) with Rachel! Then headed to orchardcentral to look for that dreamcatcher shop and 313 to shop around at F21. Bought the purple shorts. The color is so gorgeous! The green and electric blue one too. Ohgod. Then walked to the Scape's 'flea' and bought another denim highwaist to dye. Hahahah hope it's gonna success. But, the pant is kinda too big for me.. Meh, belt to the rescue! LOL. Alrightey, that's all. So, Bye! ;) 


Turned my 'old' accessories into Neon type coloured accessories. Hahahah inspired from Chriselle's yt video tutorial. Super cool so decided to try it myself. ;) That's all! Bye.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 Favorite Vans Chukka low. 
 What's in my baggggggg. 
 Astons for Dinner with Rachel! 
Mine. Hahahah super yummy and huge portion man. Nomz. 

Photos taken with phone, played around with the filters and stuff from some app. Hehehe i likey. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012


 OOTD. Tribal, feathers, studs and denim.

 Went to Davis guitar shop with mum to take a look at the guitar i want. Ended up just getting a ukulele instead. Gonna get a guitar soon, prolly next week? Hehehe. Kinda think that guitar is easier.. Maybe i'll just have to get use of it and play often. HAHAHA.
Love these gummy candies! :-) That's all! Goodbye!