Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Get FUNky.

Yes, featuring my new glasses. Slightly cat-eyed so i can actually wear alot of different and unique styles with them. Fun! 

Look: Orange eyeshadow with cat eye liner. Contour rosy blush. 3CE pigmented orange lipcolour with a blended of a bloody red over it. 

Think i should try out more dressing styles before i'm too old for it. Since school's starting (august), i think i'll have loads of opportunity to try new styles and stuff related. (+ it's lasalle. aye weird and bold fashion styles) (but i'm always to lazy to put effort into it after awhile....) (oh well, we'll see how it goes then!) 

Was over at beb's then to rachel's to chill (then ended up having a sleepover) and we decided to have some random dressup sesh at a very late timing. we r not high. 
 Macd cause i'm hungreh af. 

 Started with her boxer shorts and outer.

 Then her banana tshirt, neck pouch and backpack..
 Then her owl softtoy..

 Some PHHHOTO madness. 

We ended up filming ourselves dancing to EXID's song..... Might edit it soon and upload it... LOL. 

Pretty much. Was really fun. Tiring too.


 Been so long since i last updated. So i'm just gonna update it with some stuff that's happening lately. 

Helped out a friend with a shoot for some assignment. That explains the heavy makeup and all.

 Selected shots.