Thursday, April 9, 2015


To my future kid. I hope things will work out well between you and i.

Right now, as a teenager i tend to say things that i'll allow my future kid to do, easily. Like if he/she wants to get a tattoo, go ahead. Clubbing? Sure, just do not do things that you'll regret. Drugs, just no no no. Stay away from that. Staying overnight at someone else's house, sure just remember to come back home. Staying out till late night, aite just take care and make sure you have your own money to take a cab back.

Idk if i'll be parenting well. What if i turn out to be too uptight about everything? What if he/she does not think that i concern them enough? What if he/she thinks that i care too much? What if i fail to provide them with things they want/need?

I hope i'll be working hard enough to provide for them to live comfortably and get as much of whatever they want. I mean, sure i'm not gonna spoil them but hopefully i'll be able to put food on the table for them and able to get the necessities needed. Because that's whatever that my mum's doing for me.

Not the richest around but she still managed to get the shoes that i wanted, the bags that i'd like to have even though i don't really need it or bringing us to restaurants to enjoy food that she did not get to enjoy at her age. Tbh, i think i'm spoilt by my family because i get to get most of the stuff that i wanted for just an 18 year old (going 19 lol). But yeah sure, there's a lot more things that i want (such as branded bags, accessories, shoes etc) but i'm sure i don't Need them now. Probably i'll be able to get it in the future. Providing that i can't secure a fixed job with a good pay.

Whatever it is, i just hope that i'll be the friend that my child will be wanting to approach next time. Should be more than just a mum to them. Listen to them like a friend, share things with them like a sibling and care for them like a parent. Just gotta find the right balance to it i guess.

lol, what an awkward timing for such thoughts..

ps. Think i should revamp my blog and update it more often but eh, lazy. Think i should create a domain for posting my portfolios etc soon... LIFE OF A DESGIN STUDENT. SIGH.

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