Sunday, January 30, 2011


HI . i'm backkkkkkkk . sup y'all ? ;)

Tell me somethin' 'bout loveeeeeeeeeeee
I love " baseball tops " and mah hair ;)
Swept my fringe all the way to the right . to the hella right .so , wad do you think 'bout mah eye and cheekbone ? heheh
3 photos of " I whip mah hair back and forth " backandforth ... backandforth .

Okays , i'm done .
WeLoveTokioHotel trending since yesterday ! ;)

Gonna head out l8r . wheeeeee

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lip smackers

Coke and Sprite lipsmackers ;) i want the skittles lipsmackers !
O.P.I ink , Black shatter and Not like the movies . i loveeeeee black shatter heheh

Traced this . i'm not that awesome in art so yeah . lol
And then , i " painted " it HAHAHAH . i like the lips tho ;)

I'm so fcuking dumb like a a-hole :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My best friend texted me, he asked if I looked nice right now. I told him no, and he said to get ready so I look good, not to him, but to myself. Only text him back If I felt happy with how I looked. This confused me but I didn't ask questions. I just got ready, and finally after an hour or two, I told him I felt happy with how I looked, sort of. The door rang about 10 minutes later, and my friends told me to come with them to the park. This confused me but I didn't ask questions, I was bored anyways. We walked to the park, it wasn't that far, and they said to sit on the swing set. I didn't really like the swings at this park because it was the very place my first love broke up with me & shattered my heart. Just sitting on the swing hurt a bit, I went into silence at the memories. Suddenly, I was blindfolded. When my friends took it off, there he was. The boy who told me to get ready, I liked this boy, he was my best friend. He handed me a rose and got down on his knee. "I know this is one of your least favorite places. I also know you stopped believing in love after 2 shots to the chest. And you don't like change. But this is good change, I think. I want to change this swingset from the place where you closed your door to love to the place where it just began. I've sat by & watched you get hurt long enough. You're beautiful, smart, talented, sweet, funny. And impatient. So, I won't drag this out. I love you, & I'd like to be your boyfriend...Will you go out with me?" This boy was my 3rd love, he made me feel special. It's been 5 long years, & just today, he said those exact words. To propose.

This is so sweet . Bye .

P.S. this is from tumblr

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hey all ! school's almost awesome and yeah ;)
Skittles , Lots of skittles ;)
Mixed berries ! heheheh , geeeez :D just packet tho ...
Love skittles hehehe . okays , that all for now . bye ;)

" 'Cause I'm all about him, him, him, him, him And he's all about me, me, me, me, me " Love this song :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hai all . wassup ? ;)
I'm bored , so yeah i'm here
Heheh , wad do you think ? :)

Btwy , click This ! Follow the steps and enjoy ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Easy come Easy go

Hi all . i miss tom kaulitz . lol , true tho ... so i have no idea what to blog about . fcuking crap , everything is kinda ruined . Thanks . so yeah , goodbye :)

P.s. i'm Active on Tumblr . you should know wad to do ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Off the wall !

My first Vans !!! In pink ! woooooo , gonna go to that " mall " again next time to get my nike shoes . heheheh
Heheheh , was findin' the white one but no stocks . the whole place , No . Stocks . fml .
Saw those LA and NY-yankee caps . omfg , they are so pretty . but i'm broke now ... damn .
Ohh , school is startin' from tmrw onwards . great ... GREAT . ohh , didnt get my bag , shoes and uniform yet . fml :)

P.s the picture of tom is actually a gif. heheh they are all from Tumblr . love tumblr :D

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mini Skittles

Happy new year all ! hope this will be a better year for everyone :)
and , fyi . this picture is taken by me , not from other web. lol

Outfit of da' Day

Uneven eyes suck
Donkey and me
Bigass christmas tree in vivo . hohoho
Double christmas tree . ( just like double rainbow ... OMGGGGGGGG LOL )
The concert
This . VideoCamera . Fml .
FOL . we're the only ones who get all this crap . apparently , someone sprayed it . hahahah , not cool
Mine skittles :D
New sunglasses from F21 .
Guess what ... i bought this because i find this kinda similar to the versace one that bill wore in Tokyo . heheheh
This . okays , doesnt look similar at all ... blahblahblah . reminds me of bill can already :) heheheh
Goodbye ! hope universal music singapore will announce the winner for the contest to get Tokiohotel postcards and Tshirt soon !