Thursday, December 13, 2012


 oh, ignore my fat arms. LOLJK, YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT. 

Hmmm, yes i diy-ed this floral (roses) headband. Hahahaha did a daisy version for my dear dolphin. That one is not as perfect as this. Hehe opps. Overall, I LOVE IT. It's always easier after the first time. 

Alrightz, updated my yt channel. When you get bored, you will do retarded stuff. That's how i roll. Okay baibai. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Before prom.

Camwhore picts. 

 Once again, fail wink. 

 I look way different than my usual look so, more self shots of myself! I'm not like the usual girly girl type but i love to dress up! Sigh, i miss dressing up for dates and stuff like that. Hmmm, oh well. :) 

PS. noticed my bullets earring? pretty cool huh. ;) 
Did my own Gradient-ombre-ish nails. I like it alot! 

Masquerade prom night 2012

 OOTD for that night! Something simple because, lack of time to really shop for prom. Oh well. (Loving my Topshop floral peplum skirt!)

 With greg. At curry hopper before going to prom! 
 With yimu, berlinder and Vethaaaa! 


 Mingwei, my bodyguard for the night. hehe. 

 Thank god the balloons did not burst when they 'bloop' it to my head. They clearly did not realize i'm wearing a spikey headband.. 

 Dan with his Green lantern hair! LOL. 


 Goofy peeps. 
 Mingwei againnn. 

 My two goofy bodyguards. Just kidding. ^__^ 

 Justin! James bond and fail bond girl (me) 

 With Mr Goh! 

 Clement and Chun yong! 

 Willie pok! 


 Chew wei jie! 

 I likey this shot alot. 
 Group shots! 

 With rachel after watching Cold war. It's, okay i guess. 
Had three cakes in total for this year's birthday! 
Mango cake by Kahyong/ Durian cake by Mum/ Black forest cake by annoying cow and zjl hod from work! 

Prom's really great. The boys in formal decent outfit. And the girls looking pretty, all dolled up having fun. Something that is once in a lifetime. Really hope we'll all stay in contact in the future. Memories. :') 
Oh, willie and i is sooooo qualified to club now. HAHAHA for the first time, i got all hyped and danced like crazy. Something really rare cause i don't just Dance infront of everyone and i can't dance. duh. 

Best birthday ever. So far. ;)