Thursday, February 26, 2015


 Asian potter. 
 Am i amazed.

 Three days straight of seeing this fool. Can never get enough. Hahaha.

 Tsk, keep giving the pig face. HAHAHA.

 Awwwwyizz he found the GraFunkt stickers. wew!
Quite like this shot. Hahaha aite. Goodnight! :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 Went to have lunch with fool at marina cause someone's working today. Then head over to coffee bean to draw since there's hours till he's done with work.
 Not what i expected.
 It turned out pretty well!! :-) 
 Love love love these stuff.
 Guys, just get this 'flower' for your girlf. They'd be so happy. Lul, welcome.
 Using his phone to take selfies. WTF, FLAWLESS DEWY FACE. GADDDDD.
 #nofilter lol.

 Who dat qt behind me.

 small vs big eyes. sigh.
 Ass. Keep trying to mess my hair up. PSSH.
 Giant. HAHAHA.

 Similar ootd. Coincidence? I THINK NAH.
 His edits. Eh.

Good day. Hopefully tmrw too.


Chinese new year day 4

 Trying to take my ootd and then....
 Pretty much.

 CNY visiting at ys's place! 

 Birthday bash p1
 Mahjong sesh.
 With the birthday gayboy.

 Birthday bash p2

 Prata for supper after watching From vegas to macau. Movie was pretty good! Prata was hella good!!
Yep pretty much!