Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Figure out.

 Dental appointment today. YAY NICER TEETH FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS.
Idk man, you start to form interest in someone after trying to shake it off for as long as you can hold. Then when you start to put in effort for it, that person starts drifting away. Probably just busy and all but conversations gets dragged longer in terms of how it's being replied rather than the conversation itself. Guess i'll just have to get over it and go with how it's suppose to be. 

Just to not dwell about it.


1- in depth about things
2- persistent about certain points stated
3- not as expressive but definitely a decent cautious person 

Ha just blabbering about some midnight thoughts. Eh? Will just see how it goes. I'm sure the path of it will form clearly soon. Just gotta try and keep my thoughts straight and not get side tracked. 

Complicated. humans.
We are all complicated experiments of the universe.

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