Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cuppy cakes.

 OOTD for yesterdayyyy.
 Town with J yesterday! Window shopped around 313 and i still want that studded and acid washed ripped shorts from editors market. Sigh. :/ Then starbucks with his friends afterwards. New strawberry drink is pretty good! And i look weird in a dress. ahahah. 
 OOTD for today. 

 Peach blossoms at marina square for lunch with mum and ahma! 

 ◂ ▾ ▸ ▴ ◂ ▾ ▸ ▴ ◂ ▾ ▸ ▴ opps, nachos all over the floor. HAHAHAHA OKAY LAME. 
 Twelve Cupcakes!! 
Bought Strawberry cream, Red velvet and Chocolate chocolate. Red velvet's really gud! Yumz. Then the cream cheese is stuck in J's throat for a veryyyy long time. HEHE THAT NOOB. :P Alrightz, avengers's on Tuesday but MYE starts on Wednesday.. Sigh, SOON. WAIT FOR ME IRONMAN. OKAY FEELING THE STRESS ALREADY. :( OKAY BYE.

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