Thursday, May 3, 2012


 Ba-nana. Oh na na. 
 'Studying' in bk. Hahahah awesome lighting and nice webcam effect that makes me look like i have wine-reddish hair. woohoo!
 CLB paper today. Hahaha easyyyy.. Then LJS breakfast with yuanying before paper 2.
 Yummy yumz fish.
 Hahahah oh damn, i look different with fringe. :P

 Creepy hands is.. Creepy. 
 Wild pikachu appear! HAHAHAHA.
 Awesome pokemon trainer Karis. 

Oh hai Pikachu. ;) HEHEHE. okay that's all. Better start revising for Chem and Physics soon man. :/ Sooooo addicted to Gym Class Heroes's Ass back home. Alrightz, that's all! Bye! 

I left the keys under the mat to our front door.

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