Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh hai!

Okay hated this Jelly sandals nonsense in the past. Loving it right now! So comfortable and convenient. 
To sentosa! To celebrate anal banana's birthday. 
I can make nice fried oreos. Potential wife alert over here. Just keeding!
With ardila aka Grey. 
With the slow one criss and oh look nat's creeping at the back. 
Another trip to sentosa on sat for some party held at Azzura! 

Criss bought us red velvet cupcakes! Mweheheheh.
Jayne, criss and nat!

Hai fatty karis!

Supposing making a bandage skirt but, forgotten that i'm using a different fabric so it's not wearable. DIY-ed it into a tote bag instead!

Peemak with criss, nat, bebe, anna, jernaine and yixiang!
Dinner with Jayce, dion, willie and ys! 
Art done by my talented classmate!
And er my Rapunkzel. Get it? rePunkzel hehe. 
Just a shot of my sparkly nails that i'm in love with!
If only i have this shade of red hair in real life. My ear's done with the healing. Yay! 

So that's all. Not posting regularly but yep still updating this dead blog. :) 

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