Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaulitz Twin ! ( part 2 )

2nd part , this is for the tokiohotelsg`s sexy hexy sept. contest . just tryin' my luck <;
anwy , tom's made of Skittles and bill's made out of diamontes
Used skittles on tom cause he loves skittles ( if i'm not wrong ) ... see , i know that <:
well , bill ... i have no idea actually so i used diamontes cause he's all sparkly and shiny !
overall , fabby . and the " and " i use ' Germany ' colours . get that ?
anwy , i'm in love with tumblr's reblog . and found a tumblr full with hauties , spent half of the day searching for hauties hahahs
Anwy , i've falled in love with him ! omg , he is so cute like for serious ?! and i kinda stalked him ... oppsy but i can't help it heheh

p.s. science paper tmrw and i did not even open my notes ... dead ...

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