Sunday, October 17, 2010

Je t'aime

Random art done by me , " i love you " in random country language and lined in Rainbow colours . Lol , that's what u'll get when u're bored and u started drawing :)
NEW O.P.Is ! Happy cause the colour is really awesome ! i'm like using Got A Date To-Knight on my toes now :) ( L - R : Got A Date To-Knight , A Grape Fit , Orge The Top Blue )
Love this cuticle oil
Lucky me , This is the last piece at Vivo's outlet :) i've got the last Eye shadow in Tamp. and the Last lipgloss in Vivo . Cool or wad :) ohh this is strange potion

Guess wad
New wallet . there's a Black n' white one but i choosed the Pink and purple one . Lol , really soft ... hahah :)
Some random " stickers " at the m.a.c counter :) spot my viva glam Post it :D
Here's lady gaga
Lol , I'm into Planting flowers :D went to hort park ( i guess ? ) yesterday for some event
The artwork . I liked it hahah . and math paper's comin' ... shit
Bye :)

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