Monday, May 9, 2011


Went out with Isabel and Jayce on friday. :) Regretted not getting the deadmau5 tix. Ugh, no point crying over spilt milk.. just hope that deadmau5 will come back again for another concert. Tokiohotel too. ;)
Fail Mau5 ears! HAHAHAH.
I lubbbbbbb topshop's blusher. Last long enough for me. Hahahahahah.

Bought more Bracelets. I just need the charms. HAHAH. :B

Bought this two tops on friday. Heheheheh, feathers.. Pretty. Spells London. Lol. Bought this top with isabel tho. :)

Vans off the wall. ;)

" In my spaceship i'mma alien tonight. "

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