Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hello! Bought new tops from f21. Heheheh, shopping is awesome.

Current nail design. Added black shatter. That's all. :)

Okay, I lurb this picture Alot. HAHAHAHAH.

I like my hair here. HEHEHEH, so retarded.

This dress is sho pretty to me. Maybe not to you but yeah, Whatever. Ohh, it;s bareback. ;) Mmmm, HAHAHAH.

I can have blue eyes without contacts. :B

Anna Nutella Banana. (By me. Duhh.)

Shot's taken during the course. Symmetric shot.

And, a silhouette shot. Hahahahahah, i find this cute. HEHEH. :B Okay, byebyeeeeeeee.

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