Sunday, January 15, 2012

You got that Super bass!

 Went to shop around at Bugis with Dolphin chua. Then to Lasalle's open house. Really cool, super talented people there. Gosh. Hahahah, then decided to head back to my house to Camwhore and do random Covers. Great time with her. Super fun. Ahhhhh. 
 Outfit of the day! ;)

 Went out with Rachel, Nicole, Jayce and Yy on friday 13th. Hahahah, more like a 'lucky' day to me. ;) You jelly? HAHAHAH keeeding. Well yeah, saw someone that i thought i wont bump into and then yeah. But i still missed Benga and Skream's activity at Zirca. Ohwell, pray for next time then. Meh. So, caught Sherlock holmes: The game of shadows without yy. Movie's really awesome. Way better than the first i guess. Hahahah. :) 
Outfit for that day. :) 

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