Saturday, March 10, 2012

Must be the feeling.

 Braids withing a braid. Braidception! ;) 

 Went to Suntec's IT Fair and got myself a new earpiece since the previous one is spoilt.. This Model is freaking awesome! Gosh, worth the money. Discounted price is $68. Hahaha kinda pricey for me at first but then after hearing the sound effect, Meh worth it. ;) Eargasm much. Weeheee. 
Damn, piercing is way too close. Can only wear small studs then. Feel like getting helix but then.. Sigh. Hahahah whatever depend on my mood. HAHAHAHAH kidding. lol. Alrightz, one week of holiday. FINALLY. Hahah alrightey, goodbye! ;) 

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