Monday, September 3, 2012


 Tried making really crispy fries and it worked! ;) - Caramel cream and White chocolate frappe - CHEESE FRIES - Caramel Machiatto - CHEESE scallops! - Jewel icing biscuits. hehe.
 Mum bought snacks for me to snack on. love it.
 I am a batman woman.
 DIY BOW TIE! Uploaded the tutorial video! WATCH IT. ;)

Went to shop around at 313 with mum before meeting her friends for buffet at Orchard Central. SASHIMI, SEAFOOOOOOOOD.
Teachers day: With mrs quek! - Bumble bee Lego model for Mr goh. - Mr goh wearing a bumble mask on stage. HAHAHAH!
Saturday: OOTD - PastaMania creamy chicken - Scrump dustcap for Rachel - Loots from flea! (when to flea market at Scape with Vetha!)
-Haul video.

Everyone's talking about slender man now. BOOOOOOOOO.
  Tying bun to school cuz i'm awhsum lik dat. loljk. 
Mckayla's Not impressed face. HAHAHA. Boyf look 'prettier' than me.. shit. 
Meow. I'm a kittycat. Your argument? Iz invalid. Now shoo. Justkidding. continue reading. Hahaha so, yeah that's all. Please help me click the ads. Pretty please? :) Okay, back to mia-ing. EXAMINATION SEASON. :( OKAY, GOODBYE LOVE YA. 

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