Friday, October 5, 2012

Graduation day! (Delayed post)

Clique! - Anna! - Isabel! - Mingwei (ahmeng) - Mag! 
 Boys..... HAHAHAH.
 Rachel piggy! - Aisha! - Nicole! - Dorin dolphin! - Jibreel ongggg bapok! 
 With sara and jayce! 
 Ky and mr cheung! 
 Jayce and ky - With mingwei - Yusheng! - Daniel! - Dan and willie! 

 Polaroid with jibreeeeeeel! 
 With yimu! 
Group photos! (polaroids) 

HAHAHAH this post is full with (!) i will definitely miss them. All the lame and funny stuff will continue! N's finally over. I don't think i did well.... ohwell too late to regret. Goodbye! 

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