Friday, November 28, 2014

Finally 18!! // 22nd November

 Went to collect our IllumiRun swag bag on friday!! weeeheeee bought some merch too. Am spending way too much on a Run. OH WELL. IT'S GONNA BE FUN!

 Ugh, such a bad day after lunch at fep. Went to editors market to shop for my birthday outfit. Picked like 7-8 dresses and rompers to try and pretty into 3 of it. Guess what? No new pieces for all of them! Hahaha service sucked. There's sizes of 'S' and 'M' tags on the dresses but one of the lady told me it's all free sized. say whut. Right. Then, for the other design, they did not even really check if there's new pieces around in the shelves. Zzz. Whatever. 

Went to meet up with willie to accompany him to shop for his clothes. Kinda shopped around for mine too. Phew, thank god that i managed to get a white top and bottom to match!! (hahahaha white cause everyone else's gonna wear black) 
 Bithday girl. Hehehe.

 Dinner at Timbre-Substation with my ITE and Sec school clique! 

Already craving for their duck pizza and truffle fries...
 Presents time. (hahah just manage to take photos of some)
 Just because i fav-ed a picture of this lipstick on twitter before.. Thanks anal and tiffy. :-* hehehehehe.
Black leather unicorn from jin. Hahaha repping Depression 24/7.

My favs forever. Hahahaha yay to full attendance. 
 Half of my ite clique. 
 Sooooo awkward. HAHAHAHA

 Usuals again. HAHAHAHAH

 Proper shot.
 Wooohooooo drinks time!! 
 Typical holding-your-alcohol shot. 

 With my bestest bro, willie! (KY too la kk)

 I get red really easily. Nope not tipsy at all.

 Lee and crissandra the fishy.

 >:( Splattering water on me cause they thought i'm still tipsy. Hahahahahahahahahah.
 Tiffy and anna!

 With ys! (Derp faces cause of the flash lol)

Great great greaaaat night!!

 Hehehe so sweet of lee. :-) They are super beautiful and yummy!! 
Present from crissandra! Another gifts which are the DW watch straps!! Hehe. 

 Cake before heading out for dinner. My family la basically.

 Dinner at bedok85! Yum yum!
 Soap and glory set from Ardildo and khai! hehehe. :-)
 Anyways, I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THE THREE OUTFITS!! PHEW WHAT A BREATHER. I AM FINALLY FREE. FASHION SHOW ON THE 11TH OF DECEMBER! Can't wait!! Gonna miss my classmates and lecturer man. Such a great 2years with them.
 Mens shirt.
 Mens pants. (Oh how i painstakingly matched the lines/ checks after learning a lesson from the first outfit..) 

Goodnight! Will try to update again soon. When i'm officially done with my FYP.

Seeya!! :-)

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