Monday, December 22, 2014

FAPD Fashion show (11th december 2014)

 Full dress rehearsal day! 
 Taking photos with the board that we can have a photo session with!

 Yay flowers! Hahaha jk, just accessories for my outfits!

 Paper and fabrics.
 Simin and jiajuan!!

 Nat and sandra!

 Our boards!

 Spot me. Hehehe.

 Spot me 2. HAHAHA

 Mr adrian doing the briefing.

Mr mel. Opps i mean, melvin. HAHAHAH.
 Yes, last minute decision to cut bangs. (Trimmed it myself btw) 

 Last breakfast in school.
 Khai and az!

 Jernaine, nat and sandra!
 Team Nike!



 Ardildo aka Ardila!

 Umi and diyanah!

 Ween! (yx photobombing at the back haha)

 Yixiang! Sombong king. hahahaha.

 Sandra fishy and az photobombing. Our class have lots of photobombers huh.



 Anna tako ball!


 Shameless selfie(s).

 Jiajuan the elephant!
"Can you smile properly...." "no, so you'll remember me like this!!"


 My twin for two years. Simin mojojojo hehe!


 "walau simin'




 With sirmelvin!

 Super sassy and def one of the teacher with super expensive taste in basic clothings.

Anal banana! hehe.

 Class shots!!

 Me likey myself with bangs. HAHAHAH what a change huh.
 Surprise celebration for Ms claire!!

 Hahahaha the teacher that thinks i'm positive all the time. :')

 With the year1 this time!

 My models and i. :-) 



 Wefie with mr alan!!


With ms irene!!

 From Ms val and jamie!! hehehehe.

 Ms irene!! Miss her so much!

 Hehehe with ms val. Such a colourful person, full of encouragement and always there to help us hehe. Will def miss her and lucy!!


 Second show // Families and friends.

 Changed to our home clothes!

 Mr teddy! Super duper funky and daring person when it comes to fashion!

 Ombre arms.

The year 1s and teachers' works!

 Phototaking and all. 

Makeup session.

 Ardila and khai! 

 With ubai!

 With dian, akash and erwin!

 Ms claire!

 With gina! Hehehe


hehehehe rachel came with my parent! 
 Mmmmhmmm fierce. 

 First time receiving a bouquet. Heheheh thanks ma. Even though it's so pricey ugh.

 Sweechoon for supper!! 
Awwww books with notes inside written by mr mel. Gonna miss the whole FAPD. Closest bunch of classmates i ever have, such a great journey with them. All the best to all of us. 

Hopefully to still be able to keep in contact with all of them and have a reunion in 5, 10, 15 years. :') 

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