Saturday, November 6, 2010

All in one

Went to marina barage with dorin on 1st november . Pictures :)

Doughnuts :) i'm hungry now :( Lol

All star :)


photography club :) hanan's the model of the day ;)
Spot something ? u're gonna shit brix when it appears right infront of you
And after photography , went out with evan . went to bugis and then to M.O.F for " lunch "


Random Fiji bottle :) This 4 items for just 40dollars . awesome , grabbed them from some sephora sale . super empty hahah
and ... Green mascara :) shit brixs :D
Bokeh .

Waiting for EMA live now ( watchin' through laptop though ) and it's starting at 4am ! geeez , gonna meet pearl later and hope i wont be late and stuffs :)

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