Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taiwan ?

first day - reached and headed to the " night market " . thr's only 1hr to shop and eat . super rush . didnt manage to shop much
Corvan/Korvan* and my douchebag brother

Went to some places with bridge ( can't remember ) and photography there hahah
ohh , my fringe ...
My only buy at the night market . pfft

Second day - Taiwan's national flower ?

Resort :) So vintagey :)

Third day

Moutains and hills EVERYWHERE

Scene : actors acting on green screen ( background looks amazingly fake )
Director walking towards them to stop them
Director complaining and saying what they should do and express
Film done and OFF SET !
- LOL , snapped pictures and this scene-script comes into my mind . awesome ;)
I look like a tranny here . kthxbai
Grandpa . my santa claus . Loljk :)
Sweeeeeeeeeeet :)

Weather is super hot for this part of taiwan
Aunt and her mom :)
uncle , aunt , aunt's parent and korvan :)

Fringeless . horrible

Spot mickey ;)
Bigass stone chair lol
LOL , spot the model behind posing . HAHAH
Look at the clouds ! pretty !
I find it cool :)
4thday - Themepark
This is super high . went to the top and Bam ... the whole themepark can be seen up thr
LOLOLOL , this is so funny . me and my aunt decided to view what's this " game " about and then suddenly my brother run to the queue and went in .
And apparently this thing turns 270degree ( the seat ) and go round and round and round . For the whole ride , his face is super Epic and priceless . so , Thumbs up for him ... HAHAH
This is fun ... hahahah super windyyyyyyyyyyy . the first one is similar to this . but way faster and higher
Bought that spongey yellow hand thing . super cool to wack ppl with that :) just kiddin' :)
My furry boot ! guess how much is it ? Around 25sgd ! Holy crap , mind fcuk right ? you all can shit brix now :D looks like uggs though but no uggs there . but those inspire ones ... Alot . inspired docmartens too . but the original ones is Better ;)
Another one :) this is like around 30sgd ? Hahahah
My ribbon Wedged-flat :) this cost around 15sgd ?
5th day - went to some strawberry factory . so this is the strawberry cake mochi ? it's super nice
Strawberry egg-rolls
Lookin' all stunned :D
More flowers :)
Monkey :) ohh , he loves banana too !
Taipei 101
Rabbit top :)

My new discovery/creation :) will be a secret ;)
Super cool hotel .
Outfit for that day . the top looks like a raincoat ... fml
Half of my buys
Pretty ... isn't it ? ;)
Booby brown pink shimmer " blush " / " highlighter " for me :)
pineapple tart
Dry blueberries
chocolate macadamia nuts :) nice ttmx
Milk flavoured Sun biscuit . for me , this is way better then those husband / wife biscuit . like for real :)
Original one :)
My LOLA ! finally ... mineminemine !
Juicy couture - viva la juicy ;) For someone :)
Pin you all down into the grey rabbit hole . btwy , you all use Grey or gray ? Hahah , isit all the same ? blehh .
Till next time !
P.S didn't really post all the stuffs up and i think i left out some of the days ... woops , Bye !

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