Friday, June 15, 2012



 Changed to this instead. Bullets.. Cool huh. 

 Bought two bandeaus from F21! Floral and tribal-ish/aztec prints. 
 Another tribal-ish necklace. LOVE IT.

Bought another denim shorts from F21 too. Then head over to cine to meet mum's friend. Dinner at xinwang then watched My way. Basically my mum's fangirling over jang dong gun.. -__- hahahah movie's not bad. Lots of Blood and dead bodies. Educational too, keep making me stress bout history. hahahah wtf. Alrightz that's all! Ps. Posted a new vid on my yt channel watch it to kill time or don't watch it at all.. HAHAHA. Okay, byebyebyeeeee. 

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