Sunday, June 3, 2012


 YAY, MANAGE TO BUY THE BRALETS THAT I LIKE. Topshop have nice ones but then.. too expensive. :/ 

 Bought this top bralets from Newlook! super naise. hehehe. k i know. fats. shall force myself to do crunches again. hahaha lazy shit.. FOR THE SAKE OF NICE CLOTHES. 
 Pullover from f21. Kinda cropped tho. Hahahah i likey. 

Weeeheee pretty huh. HEHEHE SO LONG SINCE I SHOPPED YO. FINALLY. GSS NOW, GOOD EXCUSE TO GO SHOP. :P Alrightz that's all. Feel like doing a haul vid. Shall do it when i'm bored. Nobody will watch em anyway. LOL.Alrightz, Byebyebyebyeee.

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