Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Amazing Spider man.

OOTN instead of ootd. HAHAHA.
collected my turquoise hair dye today! wheeee happy girl iz happy.  
then went to expo (john little sale) with mum and bought this Balenciaga inspired bag. Weeeheee love it! Wanted to get black but meh, dont like the design cutting so bought this dark navy blue instead. :)
CHINAGLAZE. DAMN CHEAP. ONE BOTTLE FOR 12 DOLLARS ONLY. OMG. (l-r) Emerald fitzgerald and Luxe and lush! Luxe and lush is damn cool. Get it, use it and you'll understand what i mean. ;) 
Balenciaga inspired-ception! MUAHAHAH.
1, 2, 3, 4! 

HAHAHA DAMN CUTE. Watched the amazing spiderman with rachel. Chit chatted alittle after the movie. I likey. Then cabbed home. Le sigh, feel sad when i cab around. Can use that sum of money to buy something else youknow.. :/ 
Okay, that's all. Eyes closing soon. National day parade rehearsal tmrw with Jayce, Nicole, Yuanying, Willie and ky. PLEASE DONT RAIN. OMFG. Okayokay, that's all. GOOOOODBYE! 

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