Sunday, July 1, 2012


Oh hai. 

Omfg, i want skinnier thighs.. hahaha.
I'm so yellowish. Like the simpsonsssss.
"eeee blackberry like noobnoob one.. omg don't take me!"
"Eh let's do funny faces!!" rachel: "Huh.. okayokay." *remove y shots* HAHAHAH! cause very blur. meh.

k, end this post with two act cute gifs! Hehehe. Bbuing bbuing bbuing, so act cute-ish! :P

Okay, so went over to bugis to study with Jayce, Nicole, Willie and Kahyong with Rachel after our tuition. Studied till the library's closed. Then walk over to cityhall cause we're cool like that. Blahblah, then lots of funny stuff when otw back home. Hahaha! then chilled awhile with rachel at whitesands's macd. Missed the last train and bus. -___- so walked to rachel's house there to cab home. then we kinda danced and sing while walking and stuff. DAMN HIGH. LOL!
Headed to Jater's house for awhile. Hehehe. He look cuter with his current shorter hairstyle. Me hairsta. HAHAHAWHUT. Then he keep saying not nice then don't wanna play Gifboom with me. Pfft. -__- that vain boy. Haiyo. 
Not bad, typed soooo much. Actually got more stuffs but abit naggy so.. GOOOODBYE! :D

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