Sunday, August 5, 2012

I miss u.

4th august:
 OOTD. Caramel macchiato. Snickers/mars/kisses from ms tan. 

 oh hai. 
Random doodles. forever cannot draw one pair of perfect eyes. le sigh. 

Watched I miss u with boyf at marina. Not bad, not really horror but more to love story type. Hahaha bloodyhell, last part made me cried like crazy hahaha girls. lol. Then quiznos for dinner since the pig wanna have it cause it's awesome. After that, back to simei. Yupz thats all. Prelims paper starting from tmrw, soon enough it'll be N levels. Sigh, thats all. goooodbye. this post is full of sighing. HAHAHA K BAI. 

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