Monday, August 20, 2012


 Eggs & berries for breakfast with mum and her friends before meeting dorin chuaaaaa.
 Armswag. SKULL BRACELET ARRIVED. HEHEHE SO PRETTY AND CUTE HUH. Then diy-ed ombre effect watch (will unprivate the video real soon!) Studded and plain leather bracelet thingy.
 Haji lane.
 Mini loot for today. Bought this bucket studded belt for only $12! And i saw a similar exact one at haji lane for $24.. wtf. Then head to the atas flea. Saw pretty bloggers there. hehe. Bought this spikes studded highwaist too! Since it's only for $17! Super duper cheappp.
Magnum classic after dinner at grandma's house.

So, i'll usually take a photo of my OOTD but instead, did a mini OOTD video with dorin chua.

Here it is

And, our mini random haul video!

Will post and unprivate the Ombre effect on the watch tutorial real soon! HAHAHA lurve my own creation. 

So yupz, that's all! Goodbye. Ohya, please help me click the ads (^ and > ) when they appear! Thankiew. ^__^

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