Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY: Clear 'plastic' Clutch.

Hey guys! DIY-ed this transparent clear plastic fabric clutch. You can refer from the full tutorial (here) as there's more instructions on how to make it! Well, i changed the sizing to my own sizing and instead or glue-ing it together, i kinda sew it together since i have the time to waste. Mine's a little more flat whilst the one from the link is more in shape. Oh well, i still love it! You can also make mini compartments (like how i do it to put my earpiece as i do not like my earpiece to be all tangled up with my other stuff.) and yups, you can use buttons or even magnets to make a closure for the bag. 

PS: i did not use clear or transparent fabric. I used a way thicker and stiffer plastic wrapper to do it since it's for fun and i'm just trying out! 

Have fun DIY-ing! 

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