Saturday, March 9, 2013


MIA-ed for a very long time. Apologies. But i guess it's alright cause no one's reading this blog anyways. I'm just gonna update it anyway.
First day of chinese new year OOTD- Horse print peplum top, Black bandage skirt, Spiked creepers, Studded bangles and Tattoo stockings. 
Visiting at Jayce and Ky's house - OOTD- Military sleeveless top, Velvet skirt in Ink, Spiked creepers and same old studded bangles. 
Similar OOTD with Nicole. Kinda. 
With my grandma! 
To arab street to get my fabrics and visiting at willie's house. OOTD- Spiked highwaist denim shorts, Asymmetrical tank, Plaid checkered outerwear and yep, Spiked creepers.  

Still keeping in touch with my dearest clique. Love em'.
The cute and childish rachel piggy. ;-)
Creeping around. 
Outing with my fashion darlings - OOTD- Military sleeveless, Spiked highwaisted denim shorts, Spiked creepers, Spikey layered necklace.

Watercolouring. Techniques. 
Toning, sketching and drawing with colourpencils. 
Watercolour rendering assignment. Drapes, Print and Leather-Fur using copic markers. 
Exam artwork. 
Goofing around in class. 
With Khairul mini. 

Dropped it again. Why am i so careless. The money that is wasted can be use on other great stuff. Lesson learnt, Again. 

That's all. Will try to update often. School's really not that slackish now. Yes, a design have no life. Now i understand about that. Projects after projects, Assignments after assignment. Oh well. Work hard for what you want, luck will not be with you all the time. 

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