Saturday, December 14, 2013


 Inspired by TSSF's Clairvoyant EP art. 

 Back to pointillism.
 Eyes, Tentacles, Scales, RibCage,Bones.
 Friday 13th. 
 Vincent Van Goth (gogh) 
My Favorite. Took me three hours and resulting to having achy fingers, Alice goes Punk. 

Hai yall. Anyone still reading this blog? Probably no one hahaha it's alright since i don't really update this dead page as often because i have no idea what i should be updating on since i have Twitter and instagram to post and tweet about my Daily happenings. Will update more often now since it's the holidays!! But ugh still gotta head back school. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed looking at my artworks! And, MAN OVERBOARD GIG! 3 MORE DAYS! :-) Just need a gig to give myself a break. (Even though i just got back from thailand bwahahahaha.) 

Alright, thats all! Goodbye! :-)

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