Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Street art // Graffiti 
While waiting..
Walked around and found this wall. Was so awesome and amazing and yep perfect background to have a photoshoot. 

Waited since 2plus? And then.... 
THEY ARRIVED!! So sweet of them to just stop and take photos with us. Really sweet and they did not rush us or whatever. Just stay right there and take photos with us. STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!! 

WAYNE! Probably the only one that i annoy the most on that night hehehe really sweet of him to even entertain me. 
Hai zac :-)
ANOTHER! With his thumbs up! and nik at the back. 
Justin!! Hehehe.
Then back to waitingggg. 

Bought their shirt for $20!! MORE SHIRTS FOR ME HEHEHE.
With cas! 
Skyped with Ardildo because she can't make it to the show. Really glad that she intro-ed ManO to me or else i won't be aware of their amazing songs and band members. 
Dat ass. Of wayne wildrick. 
Nik's back during soundcheck.
Wayne again. Tuning his guitar. 

Really awesome gig. I frozed when they played Fantasy girl the new friend i've made there saw and laughed about that. 

Was holding up my phone when they're performing and then it's really near wayne and wayne was like, "Are you recording?" then i shout "oh no skype!!" then i showed him my phone with ardildo's face and then he waved to her! Silly her, thought he's waving to the crowd but it's to her hehehe so happy that i managed to at least have her to have some interaction with him!!  

After they play fantasy girl, Held up my fist wanting a fistbump from wayne, failed twice but right after fantasy girl (my fav) he fistbumped me!!! Then suddenly everyone raised their fists too! HAHAHAHA I CAN BE YOUR RULER! YOU CAN CALL ME FIST QUEEN (not something inappropriate, pls don't keel mah vibe) and i'm so happy that i can't stop smiling. :-) 

With joe! 
After taking this photo, i apologized to him saying i smell from perspiring and soaked and he replied me saying it's okay and that he's sweating and all too. Hehehe small convo with him talking about how happy we are to be here and he went all being how thankful he is for us to be here and how he love the crowd in singapore. Really appreciative and thankful dude. In fact, every single one of them is!! 

When we finish our convo, i was like "hey justin, can i have one of your drumsticks plsssss?" he was like, "yes sure just go ahead!" and i jumped hehehe and then i was like "can i pls have your autograph too?" then he tried signing with my technical pen. Not really clear so he did a marking at the butt of the sticks. i shouted like "oh i write my initials on my sticks too!" and he was like "oh cool!" HAHAHAAH.
Really cool ginger photographer dude. HAHAHA think he deserved a hug for help us take all the photos so i did gave him one. :D 
With justin!! Got him to sign on the stick too. His signature's the best just writing of his name HAHAHAHA REALLY ADORABLE! 
Just chatting and him signing the stick. 
Blur photo and me looking shitty.. Last photo with Zac and Nik! Got them to sign too and last and final long hug. :')
Keep going back to wayne. Countless conversation with him man. :')
Okay so Nik handed out his pick to the girl beside me ugh then when everyone's gone some girl went up to ask for a pick too. then wayne handed her one so i decided to try and get one. After giving me one, i went like, "hey wayne can i pls have another one for my friend that can't make it to this gig?" then he went like, "ya sure have as many as you want!! and are you the one that is skyping your friend?" i was like omfg yes you remembered and stuff like that then we chatted and stuff saying that we really hope they'll be back again and stuff then he pinky promised me that he definitely will be back again. :') PINKY PROMISE.

Then before i go, i told him that i'm gonna spam tweet him tonight and he replied, "you better. i'll be really mad if you don't." :')  i did that night, didnt really reply me just fav my tweet to him mentioning about skype and another tweet which is a selfie with him. Good enough. HEHEHE.
How sweet is him. right?
Two new friends that i get to know there! Anisha stays in Simei too. COOL OR WHAT!! 

And i moshed in the Circle pit for the first time! Dragged anisha in with me hehehe so fun even though some dude punched me. WORTH IT.
To do list: Mosh once (DONE) 
-Next will be at AA. JUST GONNA GIVE IT A TRY! 
Advance christmas gift. Really really appreciate it. They're all humble and appreciative. Giving their best to have the best performance for us to enjoy with them. 
Hope they enjoyed that night as much as i did and hopefully they'll be back next year. Because i had a deal with wayne that i will borrow him the pick that he gave me if he needs it. :-) 

Best way to end December. 2014 soon, hopefully it'll start well for everyone else. 

Good Bye! :-)

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