Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BAYBEATS 2014 (Day 1 & 3)

 With Jon, CH and Zul! 
 S P H A E R A S 

 Straight Forward was amazing man. Crazy crowd though. 
 Super space! 

 Supposing to go over to timbre but it was crowded. Headed to Brewerkz instead. 
 Wasted half a tower. Did not finish it. Hahaha.
Fish n Chips // Merlion Pizza // Spring chicken

CH left then Zul's friend danial came over to get dinner tgt since they have not get their dinner yet. Ended up eating too cause, long time since i last ate pizza! Then walked around clarkquay before heading home! Great night with them. Got to know three awesome bands too! 

 Well i really like my hair on sunday. 

 Otw to meet YD and Anna! At first, they're late. But, i ended up being the latest by waiting for them. 


 Hahaha laughing cause Yd's mimicking how i tell anna to take my ootd then there's alot of people randomly walking around when i'm about to pose. LOL.
Ben, Alvin, Kenneth, Sean.
 Anna all starstrucked and in love. HAHAHAHA!

 MOOKATA FOR DINNER! At YD's workplace! Super duper yummy! 

Ended my night with Anna and YD! Lotsof fun with them cause we're always laughing at every single thing! Good company and Good food! 

Alright, goodbye!! 

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