Saturday, July 12, 2014


 Favourite tako balls! Hehe. 

 Full black. Comfort colour. 
 Dinner with Nicole at bbq chicken. Seafood aglio OILio.
 Coffee bean to chill and do my work. But i can't focus. Omfg, boston nut brownie.

Guess who.
 Thunder butt outing. (i'm the only group9 who went.)
 Coldstone while waiting for the rest to be here.
 Well, guess who's the bowling queen. 
 The other side's score tho.

 Korean bbq after cca meeting. 
 Wagyu beef. It was so delicious. i want some rn. :-(
 Then went to the airport to look for rachel, nic and jayce.
 Mixed group outing. Supposing to break fast and have dinner with them but mum cooked so we stayed and chat a little before leaving with jon.
 No complete group photo with the rest! :/
 Random late night doodle. Hahaha.
 OooooooOoOoo hmmm. Yeap. ;-) THIS IS SO COOL, Success. 

 Yum yum. Yummy thai food.
 Dinner with mum and bro. 
 The faggot.
 Still a faggot.
 Love love love dressing as a pin up girl. (ok not really alike but hey, the brows, the eyeliner, the red lips, the bandana. Just let me be man.) HAHAHA.

 Gotta admit, i really like my lips. LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE LETTING SOMEONE LOVE YOU.
 wip. Something small.
 CCA Day.

 Draw me like one of your french girls.
 Group photo with mr adrian and the members.

 EX-COs. Hahaha our cca shirt is way cooler. Yep. Repping street style aye.

 Always taking a photo with the poster of mariani.

oh. ok.

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