Friday, November 11, 2011


Hahaha hey guys. Happy 11.11.11. Not gonna be an awesome day and stuff. it's 12:34 and it already sucked. Well for me. Big mistake i've made. But, no regrets. Gotta have some lessons in life, so yeah. I don't even know how i feel now. Not even how i am suppose to feel. Fucking ever experienced that? Cause that really suck. Like, A lot. I guess that what i thought will be, will be but turns out, everything changed. Maybe it didn't change but yeah it just is. Why must this type of Damn issues happen to me? Can't i just have it as Happily ever after? Or at least for awhile? Oh wait, i don't deserve it! Yeah! Now i get it. Alright, before i overtype and I know no one is gonna read it so. Bye. 

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