Monday, November 7, 2011

Chalet. (Part 2)

Face damn red. Hahahah.
Hehehe rachel is damnnnnnnn cute. :)

Jayce's like Rachel's human pillow for that day. :P

Desmond. Hahahah.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH CB, THIS MASK. SCARE THE HELL OUTTA US. NICOLE WEAR IT EVERYWEAR TO SCARE US. I'm not scared but when you're not sober, suddenly this face appear behind you, you scream the hell out right! Duh! Hahaha, then i threw the mask at jayce and she freaked out. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nicole wanted to scare des and jx but they're like " orh. " HAHAHAH FAIL.

When they scaring Jayce, i laughed until i fell off the bed. CHEEBYE, TOO HIGH. LOLOLOLOL.

Dontknow who took this. Damn retarded, cause this is taken after i puked. lol.
HAHAHAHAAHAHAAH, dont even know why i did this. :P

So high like a G6~

Alright, that's all. Heheheh, another chalet on 27th dec, hope it'll be more fun. ;) Alright, heading out later to bowl and watch In time. i'm slowwwww i know. ugh, alright bye! :)

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