Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crowne plaza hotel!

 I spot.. Jack daniel.. Didnt get to drink lah. Meh. 
 Gamers! I likey! ;) 
 Huge ass mirrors Everywhere. 


 The presents. hehehe. 
 I'm the secret santa. hahahah! i think this nike bag is awesome, cause i spotted it. 
 then there's like a 'interview'. and the 'host' asked why i buy this, then i'm like "cause anyone in this room can use it." HAHAHAH. AND THEN EVERYONE CLAPPED. LOL, I'M AWESOME. THANKYOU!

 HAHAHAH I THINK KENNETH LOOKS LIKE TAEYANG. LOL. He cool yo, he know skrilly. Okay, random. 

 The handwriting is so nice. 

 My secret santa. Hahahah! Everyone says he look like my Long lost brother. Do we look alike? Maybe just the specs. Yeah, just the specs. 

 Black specs all the way! 

 Group shots!! 
 HAHAH. Me and the guy in the middle (zu huai) same facial expression! Uh uh siol! 

 OHYA. HAHAHAHAH THIS IS SUPER DUPER FUNNY. Someone's like "i wanna eat this bag of chips!" then zu huai dude grabbed it and like smashed it then Poof! the bag of chips exploded. HAHAHA IT'S DAMN FUNNY! He's drunk uh, cause they added lotsof jd into his beer. wonder how it taste like tho.. hmmm. HAHAHA.
That's all. Really awesome day with em! Hope have more stuffs with them around. They're cool. Hahahah! Alrightz, that's all! Bye guys! ;) 

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