Friday, December 23, 2011


Beehoon and curry chicken! :B 
 Camwhored in this little tent. 

 Looks like i have red hair. ;) like ariana grande's. Teehee.

 Fail wink. 

 Dolphiny chua.

 Jiayi. :) 
 Daniel lai. Can add in Hitler's mustache. 

 Tanned until like that. cool. 

Picnic with Dorin, Jiayi, Jayce, Joel, Dion, Daniel, Clement, Yusheng and Justin. Super fun although sweated and walked around alot. Hahahaha! Played games suggested by daniel and stuff. Laughed like siol! Then, went over to ehub to get pants for dan cause.. His pants ripped apeart. HAHAH. Then, lotsof fun at pasirrispark. Afterthat head to Tampines 1 for Fish and co. since Joel is working there. Damn, super broke after that dinner. Ugh. But, food's awesome. ;) Alrightz, hope to have another outing soon. And, my chalet soon! It looks more like a resort man. HEHEHEHE, CAN'T WAIT! Alrightz, bye!! ;) 
(I don't think the GIFs is moving.. shit.)

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