Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Slow down mofo.

Everything's so stupid. Your life must be a joke. Seriously, changing girls like changing clothes. WOAH DUDE, SLOW DOWN THIS IS NOT A MARATHON. Alrightz, forget it. None of my business. Cared too much, how foolish am i? Pfft. Alright, random gif. Teeeheee. My wink doesn't look nice in picture.. :( Alrightz, that's all. If i'm not pretty enough for you then, uh you're not that good enough for me too? Hell yeah, i deserve way better. Not your biatch. 
Ps. Uploaded new vids on yt. ahahahah random hauls and some covers. nope, definitely not very awesome but hey, i'm just trying and having fun yeah? Alrightz, bye! ;) 

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