Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 4 and 5

Day 4


Flannel Outer // Bangkok
Spag top // Forever 21
Black denim shorts // Bangkok
Bag // Online
Shoe-sneaker // Vans

 Awww my cute lecturer. 

 Duck rice treat from Jamie. :-) 

Super yummy. Wonder where she buy it from.
 Fruit juice!

Hahaha. She want interns to try on different designs to understand and able to visualize better. 
So, trying on clothes will be one of the tasks that i have to do. Hehe, cool huh.
But change of plans, i gotta find every design, take photos of it. Then make it into a collage, then update it with the colours, size, pricing and number to remember. gad, halp.

Day 5


Knit long outerwear // H&M
Drape off shoulder top // H&M
Denim bottom // Forever 21
Necklace // Forever 21
Bag // Online shop
Shoe-boots // Online shop

 Hahahaha cute chunky necklace huh! 
 Twelve cupcakes treat from Jamie! :')
 Meh. Kinda alright. So gonna get the salted eggyolk pork rib next tuesday. HEHEHE, AM CRAVING FOR IT ALR SLURPS.

Rough recap. Hahaha. She'll be going to japan for 5 days in another 2 weeks. Sigh, hopefully that there'll be more customers for me to serve and pull up the sales more! 
Wanna make her happy and think that i can be capable of something that i think i can do it. 

Not making any sense now because i'm really sleepy now. Am able to doze off while typing zzz. 

Will update again. Gonna go sleep now. 3 am alr.


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