Monday, March 17, 2014

Emotions. (Random thought)


How do we get the urge to wanna know more about that very someone even though knowing that it's impossible. 
You coincidentally come across to someone and their stuff, be it their interest, things that they're doing or even just the way they look in the pictures that they take. 
It's not that type of desperation to want that person to notice you but you just want a chance to be able to get to know each other and just be friends through common topics and stuff. It doesn't matter if you guys can't hit it off but at least have a chance to try. 
But maybe you'll have the fantasy of having chances with that person but without doubt, you'll naturally compare how well their previous partner will be like compared to you. You'll never be as good looking, able to be compatible or suitable for each other than them. Ofcourse, not everyone feels that way that they compare themselves but i'm sure i'm one of them who compares myself with them and make myself feel horrible and sad.
Knowing that you can only appreciate everything from a distance and not any closer because chances might not be there. There might be chances of bumping into each other but you guys might not have eye contacts or any idea that they're just beside or near you. Because time is never always right and fate is not always right on the spot. That is why timing and fate plays a very important part to compatible everything together. While the rest of it depends on how we decide to continue and further improve on it. There might be mistakes here and there but be sure to know that at least you've tried. 

Because, if you don't, it might be too late to be regretting about what you should have done instead. 

Maybe you'll start trying harder at what you're currently doing to make yourself feel better and secretly hoping that the person will notice you and make you feel good about what you're capable of. That can be a form of motivation to keep pushing yourself to the limits that you think you can't reach. When you're satisfied with what you think you couldn't achieve, that is also one type of happiness that you should treasure and appreciate.

PS. it's just a random late night typeout sorry if there's any mistakes. Bad English and really sleeping mind right now.
-i am not referring to anyone, it's just a sudden thought that i come across- 

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