Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maxi Dressday - Intern Day 3


Grey muscle cut maxi // Cotton On
Chambray outerwear // Topshop
Tribal fringe necklace // Forever 21
Shoe-Sneaker // Nike Airmax1 (Again cause i love it so much hahaha) 
 Nope. No pale pink lip colour for me. sigh.

 Omfg, this packet of Salted eggyolk rib rice.. SO AWESOME AND YUMMY! But the price.. a little too pricey. BUT WOW I LOVE IT!!
 Meh, sales not so good today. Hopefully it'll be better tmrw.

 Billabong sale, so i bought myself a new bagpack since i needed one hahaha. 

Yes finally. 1cm and 5mm! Hahaha not gonna do anything to my lobes anymore. :P

So, yep that's all. Sales ain't really good today.. Hopefully tmrw will be better. Don't wanna disappoint my boss. So lucky to be an intern over there, partly because she always offer me food hehehe.

Alright, that's all. 


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