Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Internship Day 2

Hahaha sorry, not sorry about the Post title.

 Day 2 : Casual 

Old skull Tshirt // Bangkok Thailand
Baseball Outer // Carousell
Zara inspired skorts // Online webshop
Bag // Blogshop
Watch // Drop Dead
Shoe-Sneaker // Nike Airmax1

 Freaking love her shop's changing room and in/out mirrors. Perfect lighting and everything woooooood!

 Fruit juice treat from her. hehe.
 OOTD again. 
 Should i trim it to shoulder length.. ?

 When there's no customers around.. I can try the clothes that's displaying on the racks. hehehe best internship ever. 

Only thing that's stopping me from shopping there will be the prices.. sigh.
Halfway there for remembering the colours of each designs. Oh the sizes and placement too. Hopefully i will be more used to the placements of the garments and pull the sales up next week. 

Really wanna do my best and not let her down. 

Krispy Kreme for supper. And maybe for tmrw's breakfast hehe. Supposing to only get 4 donuts. Then the lady overcharged me so instead of 4, there's 6 instead! YAY more donuts. Hahaha, so overpriced but Mmmm so good and once in awhile. For me. :P
Alright, that's all. Rest/ Off day for me tmrw! A day to rest and catch up with my grandma. 
Lunch with her tmrw. Can't wait. 


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