Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not too bad.

9th April 2014
 Made wraps for breakfast.
Scrambled eggs/ham/tomato sauce/potato skin wrap = yum. (Will be better with cheese!)
 Doodled a little since there's No one coming in to the shop. Experimental with Ball point pen. Hmmm, not that bad. Quite fun!

 Simple ootd. 50 Shades of blue.
Chambray outer // Topshop
Striped Tee // H&M
Belt // New Look
Jeans // New Look
Shoes // Converse
End product. Actually, i have no idea if i've completed it. haha. Will just leave it. Because, why not. 
Started off with me trying to draw the textures of a horn. Then it looks like a Bee. THEN, added stuff that makes it looks like an Elephant. Hahaha so cool. 

Sales was Really bad. So bad that i almost cried. lol.

10th April 2014
 Finally wearing my F21's ripped jeans out. After so long. (yes, 2-3years ago) (for the first time btw)
 Random doodles with 05 Technical pens! 
Saw something like that on tumblr. So i kinda give it a try to do something similar. Far from what it is but hey, not bad for a noob trying to understand pen techniques! haha.
 Artsy Fartsy.
Top // Cotton On
Flannel outer // Bangkok
Ripped Jeans // Forever21
Shoes // Vans
 A selfie. If you miss my face. (I know you don't)

 Ending this post with this sup of awesome fried mars balls with vanilla icecream. Sooooooo good. So sinful tho. Yes blah blah the amount of fats. HEY! Look at the amount of fucks i'm giving. Can't really be bothered anymore. Am not putting in the effort to jog before preparing to work because my hair can't dry in time or, Too tired to workout during off days because i wanna rest/ sleep more. 

Cannot stop eating. Help. How do i control my hunger.

Sales ain't that bad today. Thank god, thank you so much. Almost hit the target but, lack by a hundred dollars? Yep. So disappointed. But, positive thoughts. One more day to prove myself!
Really hope tmrw's sales will be as good or even better. All the best to me. Gonna keep praying. 
So thankful for today's number. Past few days was horrible. So disappointing and stressful. 

It's not that i can't handle. It's just that, there's really No one walking in to take a look.

Alright, just gonna pray for more people to take a look and i'll try my best for the rest of it.

Goodnight! :-)

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