Monday, April 7, 2014

Horrible sales day(s).

Top // H&M
Skorts // Bangkok
Bag // Charles and Keith
Necklace // Bangkok
Shoes // Online webstore

Worked on sunday with veron. Really fun talking to her and stuff but sales was damn bad. Less than 10 people walked by.. i think. 
 Hehe. Such a pretty colour.
Pizza for breakfast!!

Top // H&M
Shorts // Forever21
Bag // Flea
Bracelets // Forever21
Shoes // Nike Airmax1

 OoooOOoooooO sparkly nails.
 Perfect flooring to take such shots.
 Hahaha suppose to doodle abit but ugh, need to get new tech pens. Current ones are not as smooth anymore. Need to be more gentle because the tip's a little bent.... hahaha opps.
 Orange + Pineapple + Mango. Super yum!! Taste like smoothieking's!
 Still procrastinating. Never ever gonna complete this man.
Really need to cut down/ stop snacking at late night. (am currently snacking and typing this lol.)

Sales was really bad. Kinda teased veron for getting $0 before and guess who got $0 sales too? THAT'S RIGHT, ME. Ugh, so stressed up that i almost cried just now. Hahaha hopefully tmrw will be better. Wanna at least get $500. Please.... All the best to me for tmrw. 


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