Friday, April 11, 2014


10th April 2014

 Super duper lazy and simple OOTD. Not gonna describe/list.
 Went to OC's fourskin to look for sandra.
Her ability to make me laugh without doing anything is still there. Phew thank god. HAHAHA.
 Ending the day with my derp face. because, YAY FINALLY A DAY TO REST. PHEW, DON'T HAVE TO STRESS ABOUT SALES TARGET.

11th April 2014
 OOTD- All the stuff that i always wear so yep.
 I miss bangkok. Their food, their clothes, their iced tea. GONNA GO BACK THERE. AT THE END OF YEAR.
 So... FINALLY BOUGHT MY MACBOOK PRO. HEHEHE thanks to my uncle and grandfather. Am so spoilt. But definitely not the worse ones. Hopefully i won't be. hehehe so grateful for whatever stuff i have now. :-)
Ahhhhh, love this 'filter' from photobooth!
So, new cover! A mashup of lana's Young and beautiful and Bastille's Pompeii. Enjoy! :-) 

That's all. Goodnight!

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