Saturday, June 21, 2014

Camp IGNITE 2014

 When we are all getting into our assigned groups. 


 Some activity. 

 Hahahah winner for the activity! 


Oh!! This is my school's dorm. Damn it. It's so comfortable! How i wish we can stay over during our fyp period. :( If only..
 Obstacle course! Really fun and bruises all over. Flour too. 

 Beautiful huh. Right before heading to SAC for Prom ignite.

 Shao cai.

 One of the group mentor!

 Ayeee shikin.

 Basically, he's my hype buddy. Up to almost anything! Be it dancing or being a retard! HAHAHA.

 Mustache for a skit that we have to perform for everyone.
 Nicely decorated! 

 So adorable!! All the committees in onesies!! 

 Anna banananana!



 Jon and Mariani!

 Pretty much all hyped up! Without any alcohol. Danced our hearts out and enjoyed every single moment. :-)


 All together. AHAHAHA, Just have to shout, SELFIE!!

 Hahaha trying to be funny! Wearing anna's bear hat with the onesie!


 Hahahah jon and sofian dancing/twerking to wigglewiggle because we won the Simon says Challenge!
 Group 9 got the position of 1st runner up. Invited grp 10 because, WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! 

 Marianiiiii my cover girl. ;-)

 Bing ren!

 Lutefield and CH!

 Care bear and Pooh Bear. Bearception.

 Karl! PiKARLchu la.

 Andrei with his mr bean PJs.

 Samuel. Our camp commander! 


 FITSPO GOT THE BEST CAMPER AWARD! HAHAHA! He deserve that award la!

 Sorry. Gotta post seanKingston's face hahaha.

 O lawd.

Great 4d3n journey with them. Current favourite camp. Missing the camp and times spent with them already! 

Goodbye! :-)

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